Ahille 450 LED

Ahille 450 LED is a recessed uplight, flush with the ground, highlighting architectural and natural settings, and creating charming atmosphere at the same time, also by means of the adjustable optics. It is ideal for the illumination of façades of buildings, monuments and gardens. Suitable for vehicles and pedestrian traffic, it is designed with materials that preserve it from the aggression of oxidizing agents. It has a high IP67 rating. The recessed housing can be installed freely, without any fix reference to the following position of the luminaire. Once it is positioned, the luminaire can be rotated of 360°, to allow the proper control of the light beam. The junction box is located in the lower part of the fitting and it is equipped with a double cable-gland, allowing through-wiring. A third cable-gland, between the junction box and the main body of the luminaire, grants a perfect watertightness between the two. The optics are symmetrical, adjustable +/- 12°. A range of easily replaceable professional optics are available as accessories, to get different beam angles.
Name Power (W) Net lumen outputs (lm) Colour temperature (K) Net weight (kg) Size (mm) Downloads
Ahille 450 LED 51W/6800lm/3000K 51 6800 3000 11.8 283 450 file_download