Cosmia DS LED Panel

Thanks to the slab in PMMA, our panel is capable of taking full advantage of the lighting benefits ensured by the most advanced LED sources, keep- ing them unaltered over time: 80% lumen maintenance for 50000 h (L80B20), perfect colour rendering (CRI≥80 or CRI>90), no glare (UGR<19) and certified low flickering level.Housing and frame: housing is galvanised steel sheet, frame is aluminium. Inner slab: in PMMA.Diffuser: extruded in prismatic engineering plastic with high thermal transmit- tance.UGR glare index:UGR<19 (in any situation). - EN 12464.Power factor ≥0.95Luminous flux maintenance 80% 50.000h (L80B20).
Name Power (W) Net lumen outputs (lm) System efficiency (lm/W) Colour rendering index (Ra) Colour temperature (K) Size (mm) Downloads
Cosmia DS LED Panel 33W/3600lm/4000K 33 3600 109 >80 4000 596 596 12 file_download
Cosmia DS LED Panel 33W/3348lm/3000K 33 3348 101 >80 3000 596 596 12 file_download