Cosmia RD LED Panel

Cosmia RD is the new recessed LED backlighting ceiling fixture that opens up a whole different way of thinking about artificial lighting. With a very slender design and high-efficiency 3000/4000K LED sources, Rodi offers a very bright and diffused lighting, while keeping energy consumptions extremely low and setting itself as the ideal solution for general and functional lighting applica- tions.Housing and frame: housing in galvanised steel sheet, and frame in alumini- um, contact mounting on the cross T structure.Diffuser: in opal engineering plastic with high thermal transmittance.Wiring: rapid wring connection, the fixture does not need to be opened.UGR glare index: UGR<19 (in any situation). - EN 12464.LED: Luminous flux maintenance 80%; 50.000h (L80B20).Power factor ≥0.95.
Name Power (W) Luminous flux of light fitting (lm) System efficiency (lm/W) Colour rendering index (Ra) Colour temperature (K) Size (mm) Downloads
Cosmia RD LED Panel 33W/3600lm/4000K 39 3600 101 >80 4000 595 595 9 file_download