Ahille 320 LED

Ahille 320 is a recessed uplight, flush with the ground, highlighting architectural and natural settings and creating charming atmospheres at the same time. Light makes the most of natural features and it provides scenographic effects. The Achille series is designed for high-efficiency COB LEDs to meet the most demanding requests of application and setting. The optics are symmetrical, adjustable +/- 15°. It is ideal for the illumination of façades of buildings, monuments and gardens. Suitable for vehicles and pedestrian traffic, it is designed with materials that preserve it from the aggression of oxidizing agents, and it has a high rating IP67 and IK10. It is therefore reliable over time and suitable for outdoor applications, even in very severe weather conditions.
Name Power (W) Luminous flux of LED modules (lm) Luminous flux of light fitting (lm) Net weight (kg) Size (mm) Downloads
Ahille 320 LED 18W/2500lm/3000K 18 2500 1944 7.2 361 320 file_download
Ahille 320 LED 27W/4100lm/3000K 27 4100 3190 7.2 361 320 file_download
Ahille 320 LED 32W/4300lm/3000K 32 4300 3344 7.2 361 320 file_download
Ahille 320 LED 36W/5300lm/3000K 36 5300 4121 7.2 361 320 file_download